Universal Design for any type of Window

Universal design fits minimum 2-1/2" recessed brick, concrete, stucco or similar windows styles, Engineered to Universally fit 1/2" to 3/4" Plywood or OSB board or panels, without nails, screws or adhesives.

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Super-Grip Umbrella Mounting Brackets

Umbrella Mounting Bracket

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Multi-Use Umbrella or Pole Mount Bracket

Versatile 2-Piece Umbrella Mounting Bracket

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Super Secure Umbrella Holder for space restricted areas

Easy to Install

NO special tools, caulking, adhesives or glue required. Easy to install and remove by one person.


 HURR-PRO window clips can be reused over and over and are not affected by Plywood swell or thickness variations over time.

100% Guarantee

Protect your home from high winds, storms and hurricanes. We guarantee this product to be defect free

Customer Reviews

Clever design, passed its first “light duty” test

The clips were delivered on time. Their design is an interesting adaptation/enhancement of the more well known ”Plylox” clip, which is supposed to allow them to work on a variety of plywood widths. They appear to be well made and up to the task. Since, thankfully, we have not yet experienced a hurricane this season (and hopefully never will), I can't yet attest to their effectiveness and reliability, which is why I gave them a 4 star rank, so far. If I have to put them to the test (and I survive 😉), I will update this review based on their performance. (post Dorian update: Clips deployed easily, held the wood braces in place tightly, released from the window frame with no trouble and passed their first admittedly “light duty” test with flying colors.) To the manufacturer/distributer: if you hope to super charge sales, I suggest you post video of these passing testing at a reputable wind tunnel/ hurricane research facility.

D. Walsh

Cool piece of kit

Searched Amazon for some options to mount a 10’ diameter umbrella on my patio and this was presented as an option. Soon after receiving it, I found multiple reasons to share this with friends. My friends work as photographers, videographers, and grips doing film work. The bracket can be quickly fitted to a stanchion on a boat, securely clamped to a section of speed rail, or temporarily mounted to any surface to provide a secure mount for a camera, lighting, or any other equipment. All those whom I showed were impressed with the versatility of the design and the execution of the finished product. Keep up the good work !

David ott

Peace of mind

I live in central Florida where the possibility of hurricanes are a annual threat. I was able to cover 8 windows (2 packages) along with inexpensive ply-wood for use over $100. These clips worked perfectly. My wife insisted on the "stainless steel" and that is why I went with the HURR-PRO brand. I have already recommended these wonder clips to my friends. At age 73, I now have peace of mind for any future storm.

Ed Paulson

 Great purchase, solidly built, easy to use

Awesome product. Makes putting up plywood shutters in my CBS home a breeze. Harder to take off, but that’s the point really.
Holds the plywood in the concrete very solidly. If that flys off it will be the least of our issues!


Clips work to hold plywood!

Love that I can use these for any thickness of plywood 1/2" to 3/4" to board up my windows, don't have to worry about plywood thickness variations or swell ever again!