Short Mounting Bracket

For Installation, ALWAYS use work gloves.  Keep away from children (sharp edges)

  • Pre-install two open band clamps through the slots in the first bracket.
  • Install one band clamp around mounting post and tighten in place as shown using a flat-head screwdriver (or a 5/16” hex wrench or socket with a ratchet wrench).
  • Install the Umbrella post into the other band clamp and tighten similarly.
  • Install second bracket by following steps 1 to 3 above, at any desired spacing that provides  maximum  stability, typically  8 inches to 2 feet apart. 
  • Note: If mounting post is larger than 1-3/4” diameter, use larger band clamps (not included;  available at hardware stores).
  • This multi-use bracket can be used for mounting applications such as flag, fishing rod holder, light post, tiki torch, plant hangers etc.  The additional keyhole slots shown below may be used to mount the bracket in different orientations for DIY applications.

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